Nardi Omega Chaise Lounge

Nardi Omega Chaise  

Nardi Outdoor Furniture's World Famous Omega Chaise Sunlounger.  Call for Special Orders 561 955 9348.

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Nardi Omega Chaise lounge 8 pack Nardi Omega Chaise lounge 8 pack

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Nardi Outdoor Furniture Featuring the Omega Chaise Sunlounger.

Nardi designs and manufactures collections that transform gardens & outdoor spaces into sociable living areas. They are ideal for private gardens & for commercial trade projects.

The furniture is designed for sociability in the open air and made using top-quality resin and fiberglass polypropylene. Resistant, long-lasting, antistatic, non-toxic and fully recyclable.

Nardi Outdoor Furniture

The Nardi brand of outdoor furniture embodies sleek Italian design with high quality standards and decades of experience. The Nardi Omega is a stylish and comfortable outdoor lounge chair.


Their products are versatile and suitable for both homes & commercial spaces.


 Nardi’s gorgeous outdoor resin & polypropylene furniture is designed to transform any space into a sociable and comfortable area.

 With its sleek design and ergonomic shape, the Nardi Omega Chaise provides optimal relaxation.


Their materials are hard wearing and able to stand up to British weather, as well as saline and salty environments, making them ideal for use in pools & on coastal areas.

At the heart of all their designs is an attention to detail that makes a difference. They are focused on the use of innovative materials, which is why they have won several international design awards. Their products are modular, extendable and stackable, making them easy to sanitise and maintain. They also pay close attention to the ergonomics of their chairs, which helps create a relaxing atmosphere for all users.

All of the fabrics used by Nardi are certified according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100, which means that they’re eco-friendly in terms of production and are free from harmful substances. The brand has three production sites in Italy, where they employ state-of-the-art technology, including hybrid injection moulding machines that save energy. In addition to this, they have a system that uses external air to cool their machines, which in turn reduces electricity consumption. All of this is helping to make Nardi one of the most sustainable producers of outdoor furniture.

Founded in 1990 in Vicenza, Italy, the Nardi brand has grown to become one of the world’s top designers and manufacturers of contemporary outdoor furnishings.

Made from high-quality resin, the Nardi Omega Chaise is weather-resistant and durable.


Their collection of outdoor chairs and lounges are built with the highest quality materials, combining modern elegance with traditional functionality. This results in a range of stunning pieces that are perfect for any modern home.

The collection includes sofas and sun loungers for blissful open-air relaxation, as well as tables, stools and dining chairs for sophisticated al fresco entertaining. Some of their most popular designs include the Komodo modular upholstered seating system and the Folio armchair, which both offer an elegantly rounded silhouette.

Whether by the poolside or on the patio, the Nardi Omega Chaise enhances the ambiance of your outdoor living area.


These pieces are available in a wide array of colours, from bright blues and reds to more subtle tans and blacks. Many of these colours are fade resistant, which means that they will look great after a summer of sunshine and rain.

Omega Chaise Sunlounger

The Omega Chaise Sunlounger is a commercial-grade outdoor resin chaise lounge designed for patios, beaches and other leisure areas. This contract-grade lounge chair combines comfort and sophistication to create the ultimate open-air oasis for you and your guests. It’s also eco-friendly, making it a smart choice for commercial and residential spaces alike.

Founded in 1990 in Chiampo, Vicenza, Nardi specialises in high-design outdoor furniture for the hospitality sector.

The Nardi Omega Chaise features adjustable backrest positions, allowing you to find the perfect angle for lounging.


Each product is designed to offer maximum relaxation and well-being, using a totally Made-in-Italy production chain and quality materials. Nardi is committed to creating products that are sustainable and long-lasting, with particular attention paid to ergonomics and resistance to weathering.

Its innovative content and quality standards have made it a leader in the world of outdoor furniture. In fact, its products have won several prestigious international design awards. Its focus is on achieving high added value for its customers, a commitment that has earned it the Green Good Design Award in 2020 and 2021.

With the Omega, Nardi has created a sun lounger with a unique undulating shape. Its tubular frame is manufactured with a presswork technique that allows closed shapes and offers the greatest strength and ease of cleaning.

Featuring a sturdy construction, the Nardi can support a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds.


Its cover is a breathable synthetic fabric that is fully removable and available in multiple colors. It’s also stack-able, allowing for easy storage when not in use.

All the synthetic fabrics used by Nardi are Oeko-Tex certified. This means they meet strict environmental and safety standards. All of their processes are controlled with special care to reduce energy consumption and waste. They are also recyclable. The company has even developed a plant for the recovery of polypropylene and other recycled materials.

We’re proud to offer a wide selection of Nardi furniture, including the stylish Omega chaise sunlounger. This piece is perfect for upscale hotels, beachside resorts and contemporary diners. Contact us for quantity discounts on this beautiful furniture.

The Nardi is stackable, allowing for efficient storage when not in use.


We can help you bring the elegance of Italy to your business or home, at an affordable price.

Omega Lounge

Designed by Raffaello Galiotto and manufactured in Chiampo, Italy by Nardi, the Omega Lounge is a commercial grade, outdoor furniture piece that is ideal for residential and commercial trade projects. Crafted with durable polypropylene resin and fiberglass, it is lightweight, long-lasting, non-toxic, 100% recyclable, and antistatic. The breathable sling fabric is fade and UV resistant, and it cleans up easily with water.

The sleek design is comfortable, and there are no exposed screws or metal parts that can rust. The legs have non-slip feet and the backrest can be adjusted to four positions. It stacks for easy storage, and it is available in 3 color combinations. Brigadoon Fitness is proud to offer this top quality lounge chair at wholesale prices, so you can create an upscale outdoor lounging space in your own backyard or for an upcoming hospitality project.

The Nardi is lightweight and easy to move around, making it convenient for rearranging your outdoor furniture

As a family-owned business, the Italian company is known for creative designs that incorporate high-quality standards and decades of experience. Its products have received international accolades such as the Adi Design Index, Red Dot Design Award and Good Design Award.

All of the company’s furniture is crafted with environmental sustainability standards in mind. They use a polypropylene resin that is color separated, never contaminated with other materials, and production waste is reprocessed for 100% recyclability.

Its contemporary design and clean lines make the Nardi a versatile addition to any outdoor decor.

Additionally, their factory is solar-powered and uses recycled cardboard packaging that contains 75% of the total fiber content.

In addition to its beautiful line of outdoor furniture, the Italian company offers a variety of indoor seating and dining options as well. Their outdoor products feature stunning colors and shapes that can be incorporated into any interior or exterior space. The company also offers a range of materials and finishes to ensure that their customers can find the perfect fit for any style or budget.

With its modern, minimalistic styling and durable construction, the Omega is the perfect choice for poolside loungers in hotels and five star resorts around the world. Its tubular frame in polypropylene with UV additives is covered in a breathable, stain resistant sling fabric that dries quickly and resists mold and mildew. It is stackable for easy storage and includes wheels for simple mobility.

Omega Table Option

The sleek Italian designs in the Nardi collection are more than just beautiful; they’re also durable and functional.

The Nardi is UV resistant, ensuring its color and quality won't fade over time.

These resin-based chairs and tables are designed to withstand swimming pool water, salt air, harsh sunlight, and general wear and tear. Whether you’re looking for a chair or table to create a cozy seating area around your pool, an outdoor dining set for al fresco entertaining, or modular partitions to define distinct spaces in an open backyard, these versatile pieces will meet all your needs.

The Nardi brand has three pillars on which it bases its production: design, quality and sustainability. Each piece is created by a renowned designer to bring out the best in each material and shape. With this philosophy in mind, the company continues to win numerous international awards every year. T

With its ample seating space, the Nardi accommodates individuals of all body types.

he most recent award came in the form of the Green Good Design Award, which recognizes outstanding design that contributes to a better environment.

As part of the quality initiative, the Nardi brand uses only high-end materials to craft their stunning products. Polypropylene, a thermoplastic resin, has always played a key role in the brand’s history. However, they’ve explored original materials as well – including aluminium and synthetic fabric – to produce stylish chairs that are both functional and elegant.

For example, Komodo is a modular upholstered furniture system that uses an innovative rounded structure inspired by tree branches to form a unified seating arrangement.

Designed with comfort in mind, the Nardi includes a breathable fabric that keeps you cool on hot summer days.

With a simple and clean design, the Komodo system is available in several versions – from a single armchair to linear or corner sofas – along with a pouf.

Doga is another fresh and light collection, featuring seats with and without armrests, a lounge chair and a block table. This collection required a careful study of color, resulting in unprecedented shades like marsala and cappuccino as well as greens such as agave, mint or pear.

The Nardi includes a built-in headrest, providing extra support and comfort for your neck and head.

Besides working with high-end designers to ensure that all of their furniture is both stylish and functional, the company pays attention to the details in each piece to make it last. As such, their products are manageable, stackable and easy to sanitize. They’re also resistant to atmospheric agents, easily transformed in size and practical for winter storage.

Crafted with attention to detail, the Nardi offers a luxurious lounging experience.

If you're in search of outdoor furniture to relax on, a chaise lounge is an ideal choice. From poolside lounging to deck and patio use and even garden tending, chaise lounges offer comfort no matter where they're needed - be it poolside, deck/patio use, yard tending or camping trips/tailgating events! Additionally, portable chaises make them the ideal addition for camping trips/tailgate events! To maximize outdoor enjoyment look for options that offer adjustable footrests made from durable materials with multiple positions for reclining to recline in different positions reclining positions reclining backrest positions! To maximize outdoor relaxation seek chaises which feature adjustable footrests made from durable materials and recline in multiple positions to maximize outdoor use and make sure they can recline in multiple positions!

The Nardi is designed for both residential and commercial use, making it suitable for hotels, resorts, and other outdoor settings.

To maximize enjoyment look for options with adjustable footrests so as to maximize outdoor relaxation & tailgate events/camping trips/tailgate events! To maximise outdoor enjoyment search for options that offer adjustable footrests made from durable materials with multiple reclining positions reclining in multiple positions; to maximize relaxation look for ones featuring adjustable footrests made from durable material (like wood) that offer durability when considering purchasing patio or tailgating trips or tailgating event space by choosing from durable material (like wood) that recline in different positions (such as when camping trip/tailgate events/campsite that provide adjustable footrests made from durable material made with removable footrests built from durable material such as camping trips/ tailg g or camping trips/ tailgates events with adjustable foot resting positions made of course! reclining positions made of course! When selecting options which have adjustable footrests made from durable materials or constructed made rec rex material with these types as/camping/campsite spaces!/camping out/tailgate/etc...). For maximum use-looking for camping trips/ tailgate/camp/tailgate spaces etc...

Its sturdy legs and non-slip feet ensure stability and prevent the Nardi from sliding on slippery surfaces.

A chaise lounge's frame serves as the cornerstone of its design and can be constructed out of any number of materials such as aluminum, wrought iron and teak wood. While most frames are durable and weatherproof, some require regular maintenance in order to preserve their look - some even feature anti-corrosive treatments to maintain an aesthetically pleasing appearance over time.

Wicker chaise lounges are another popular material choice, available both natural and synthetic forms. While natural wicker has the look of traditional wood furniture, its durability means it resists rusting better and is much easier to move around your deck than heavier counterparts.

Synthetic wicker furniture resembles its natural counterpart in design, but is made from manmade materials resistant to moisture and pests. Ideal for harsh climates, synthetic wicker can be cleaned using mild cleaners for maintenance that won't result in mildew and mold growth.

The Nardi requires minimal assembly, allowing you to quickly enjoy its comfort and style.

Steel and rattan chaise lounges provide sturdy weatherproof seating at an economical cost, yet remain lightweight enough for easy portability and storage. Some rattan options can even be made weather- and fade-resistant thanks to resin weaving technology.

If you're searching for high-quality outdoor furniture, teak chaise may be just what you're after. Crafted to withstand years of outdoor use and insects alike, quality teak chaise products should keep their beautiful appearance for decades with proper care from reliable manufacturers. If that investment seems out of reach for now, recycled plastic and teak-look polymer alternatives might also work as suitable replacements.

Wholesale Enquires Available

A chaise lounge can create the ideal outdoor relaxation oasis, offering various sizes, styles and materials to choose from for home or business use. Many outdoor chaise lounges are designed to recline for sunbathing and reading purposes - some come equipped with canopies for added shade; others are made of wood or teak with removable cushions added for additional comfort - it is important that furniture remains clean between uses so as not to stain fabric and wood surfaces with dirt; it would be wiser storing it indoors during winter as this will increase its longevity!

The Omega chaise lounge is a high-quality resin chaise that's suitable for residential and commercial spaces alike. With four reclining positions and stackable storage, this chaise is easily stored away when not in use. Available in various colors with fade-resistant slings to provide comfort - not to mention it can even be safely used at the pool as its construction won't rust or chip from exposure to chlorine and salt water!

Whether you prefer sunbathing or reading a book outdoors, the Nardi provides the perfect spot for relaxation and leisure.

Atlantico outdoor loungers are an excellent option for outdoor seating, featuring beautiful teak wood finishes and adjustable headrests. It is highly-popular due to its durability and versatility; cushions can easily be removed for cleaning. To protect your patio from rainwater and debris damage, however, cover or rug your seating arrangement appropriately.

Grosfillex also offers the Eden Sling Chaise as a solution, perfect for commercial environments. It has breathable sling fabric designed to withstand tropical climate and comes in various colors to fit into your design scheme. Furthermore, this two-year frame and back warranty makes the Eden sling chaise an attractive option in hotel pools and other public areas.

HOA Wholesale for all Communities

Chaise lounges provide the ideal seating solution for resort swimming pools, hotel pool clubs, HOA communities, apartment complexes and water parks. Commercial chaise lounge chairs are constructed using highly durable materials to withstand heavy usage in public areas like water parks. Choose from vinyl strap chaise lounges, sling chaises made of recycled plastic material or marine grade polymers for commercial applications.

Resin seats make an excellent choice for poolside seating because they are rust and moisture resistant, lightweight and easy to maintain. Furthermore, resin patio furniture comes in various styles, colors and designs; many pieces even include cushions for added comfort.

If you reside in a community with a homeowners association, purchasing patio furniture may be limited by bylaws and CC&Rs of your association. Therefore, before making this purchase decision it would be prudent to check these documents first.

Poolside Furniture

A patio chaise lounge chair offers the ideal way to unwind and unwind during warm-weather relaxation. Perfect for working on your tan or reading while basking in the summer sunshine, they come in various materials and styles to complement any decor, and some models even feature adjustable backrests so that you can find just the right angle for relaxing. Double patio chaise lounges make an excellent addition as sofa seating.

There are various outdoor chaise lounge options, from plastic to wicker to teak. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages, so you must find the one best suited to your home environment. When considering materials for this decision, take into account their weather-resistance as well as durability requirements; consider also color choice as lighter hues may reflect sunlight more effectively while darker ones can help hide dirt more effectively.

For an effortless pool lounge chair maintenance experience, look for one made of polypropylene resin or polywood. Both materials are corrosion-proof and UV fade-resistant so your investment will look brand new for years to come - plus, lightweight chairs made of these materials make great outdoor choices!

Some outdoor chaise lounges come equipped with built-in beverage tables for convenience while relaxing by the pool, while other models feature a small shelf underneath their seats for snacks, beverages and books. You could also add an umbrella to provide additional shade and privacy when lounging around outdoors.

When shopping for a pool lounge chair, ensure it features an adjustable backrest. This feature allows for more comfort when sharing it with someone else; some models even provide up to seven different positions!

Bringing resort-like aesthetic to your backyard requires adding double patio lounge chairs. Not only are these comfortable options for relaxing in the sun and entertaining guests, they look great too. Pair them with complementary side tables and dining furniture in complementary colors to complete the look.


Nardi Omega Caffe 4 pack

 Chaise Lounge- 4 pack price

Available in a variety of various colors, models, and shapes, Nardi makes it hassle-free for you to select your Chaise Lounge regarding your resort or residence. Installation is trouble-free for the chaise and chaises have free shipping. Nardi Chaise will be the ideal choice for out of doors. read more

 Nardi Omega Blue

 Chaise blue/white

At lost Bwana Outfitters, Inc, we are proud to sell ane represent Nardi Chaise Lounges.  We offer a huge chaise selection to choose from...

read more


Chaise is a commercially rated multi-position stacking lounge. Included are recessed wheels for mobility and comes with anti-skid feet pads....

.read more

 Nardi Omega Chaise Caffe 12 pack


 Chaise Caffe 12 pack

Nardi resin Omega Chaise Lounges will be the top choice in the commercial furniture market sectors. The chaises look wonderful and tolerate intense commercial use, regardless of whether it's used by the pool or by your Island Tike Bar. The resin chaise are lightweight so they transfer easily. Also, they are practically maintenance free. That is what makes these very well-known with hospitality businesses....

read more
 Nardi Omega Blue 12 pack


Chair Blue 12 pack

An outstanding resort experience consists of equally your ambiance and the atmosphere. A considerable part of the ambiance is actually the looks and luxury of the furniture. Because of the world wide web, photos associated with your resort and your furniture may end up getting shared by friends as well as posted for the modern world to check out. Have you ever witnessed that resort reviewers for instance Zaggot frequently highlight the interior decoration of the establishment they've been writing about? Your outdoor furniture is really equally essential as your resort due to the fact you need the most beneficial reviews as possible...

.read more

Available in a variety of vibrant colors, the Nardi Omega Chaise adds a pop of personality to any outdoor space.

 Nardi Omega Chaise Tortora 12 pack

 Chaise Tortora 12 pack

Nardi resin Omega Chaise Lounges will be the top choice in the commercial furniture market sectors.  Made in Italy, the Omega Loungers are a beautiful addition to any outdoor resort or ocean setting!

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 Nardi Omega Chaise Caffe 12 pack

 Chaise Caffe 24 pack

The Omega chaise lounge has a higher seatt that makes sitting  and getting up much easier and more comfortable.  The  seat is approximately a 15 inches high off the ground.  The frame is made of 100% composite PP Resin to give years of durability, and will not chip, peel or rust. The fabric is made of a non-sagging PVC coated fiber, which is resistant to stains.  This special fiber is comfortable and allows water to go through it.....

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 Nardi Omega 24 pack

Blue and White 24 pack

Nardi resin Omega Chaise Lounges will be the top choice.  The Nardi contract Omega Chaise with Caffe Frame and Beige Sling is great for use at swimming pools, patios, decks, or any other backyard area - commercial or residential.

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