Nardi Dining Table

Nardi Dining Table


When creating a new bistro or improving / reviving an outdated, selecting your bistro pieces of furniture is certainly as important as your menu. The actual number one first factor to consider is the look and comfortableness that you would like to attain. Precisely how comfortable do you need your visitors to be? The nest thing to consider is the materials of your furniture. We offer you furnishings manufactured from wood, aluminum, plastic resin, and even concrete. We then can guide you select your furnishings balancing your personal taste and finances. Here we are presenting a manufacturer "Nardi Furniture". The actual piece we are suggesting is the Nardi Dining Table. This piece is perfect for any restaurant setting indoors or out. Leading in technology, invention and style, the Dining Table speaks for itself because it has converted what we once knew as a cheap dining table to a prime quality Dining Table without the expense.

Enhancing Your Outdoor Space with Nardi Furniture: Quality, Durability, and Sustainability

Discover the top reasons to choose Nardi Furniture for your outdoor spaces, including its Italian craftsmanship, durability, sustainability, and versatile design options.


Overview of Nardi Furniture Brand and Manufacturing

Nardi, a distinguished Italian brand renowned for its exceptional outdoor furniture, has been a key player in the industry for more than twenty years, showcasing a rich heritage of craftsmanship and design excellence. The brand prides itself on seamlessly integrating originality, ergonomic features, weather-resistant properties, and recyclability into its furniture pieces. For example, the Nardi Doga Collection exemplifies the brand's commitment to innovative design and functionality by offering fresh, light, and ergonomic outdoor furniture inspired by a slatted design, available in a wide range of vibrant colors.

Moreover, Nardi's furniture is characterized by the use of premium materials such as resin, aluminum, synthetic fabric, upholstery, and glass, which not only enhance the durability of the products but also contribute to their timeless aesthetic appeal. The brand's meticulous attention to detail and focus on utilizing high-quality materials and advanced craftsmanship techniques ensure that each furniture piece is designed to withstand the test of time while maintaining its original allure. This dedication to excellence and sustainability has established Nardi as a trusted name in the outdoor furniture market, offering a diverse range of products that cater to both residential and commercial settings with equal sophistication and style.

Quality Assurance and Durability of Nardi Furniture

Nardi takes pride in the exceptional durability of its outdoor furniture, distinguishing itself in the market for its ability to withstand the harshest outdoor conditions. For instance, Nardi dining tables are crafted to resist fading from exposure to UV rays, ensuring that they retain their vibrant colors even after prolonged use under the sun. This resilience makes them a practical and long-lasting choice for outdoor dining spaces, whether in a residential backyard or a commercial patio.

Moreover, Nardi's commitment to quality assurance extends to its dining chairs, which are ergonomically designed to provide comfort without compromising on style. These chairs are not only visually appealing but also functional, making them suitable for extended outdoor use, such as in restaurants or outdoor cafes. The blend of durability, comfort, and aesthetic appeal in Nardi's dining furniture collections makes them a versatile option for various settings, reinforcing the brand's reputation for excellence in outdoor furniture manufacturing.

Benefits of Choosing Nardi Furniture

When selecting Nardi furniture for outdoor spaces, customers can reap numerous advantages that set the brand apart. One of the key benefits is the wide range of colors, styles, and design options available, ensuring that there is something to suit every individual's taste and preference. For example, the Nardi Bora Bistrot Dining Chair combines elegant design with durable materials like polypropylene resin, offering both style and longevity. Additionally, Nardi's modular partitions provide a unique opportunity to tailor outdoor areas precisely to specific needs, whether creating cozy corners for intimate gatherings or open spaces for larger events. This adaptability makes Nardi furniture a versatile and practical choice for various outdoor settings, from cozy patios to expansive garden spaces.

Furthermore, Nardi furniture seamlessly blends classic Italian design elements with modern functionality, creating a harmonious balance between timeless elegance and contemporary flair. For instance, the Nardi Doga Collection showcases outdoor furniture inspired by a slatted design, combining fresh aesthetics with ergonomic features for enhanced comfort and style. This fusion of traditional craftsmanship and innovative design not only adds a touch of sophistication to outdoor settings but also ensures that the furniture is both visually appealing and practical. By choosing Nardi furniture, customers not only invest in quality pieces but also elevate the overall aesthetic and functionality of their outdoor living spaces.

Nardi's dining tables and chairs stand out for their exceptional quality and design features. The tables are crafted in a variety of shapes and sizes, including round, square, and rectangular options, to suit different outdoor spaces. For example, the Nardi Bora Bistrot Dining Table combines sleek lines with a sturdy construction, making it a versatile choice for both intimate gatherings and larger patio settings. This exemplifies Nardi's commitment to offering functional and stylish pieces that cater to diverse needs and preferences.

Moreover, the chairs in Nardi's dining sets are not only visually appealing but also prioritize comfort and durability. Take the Nardi N.E.T. Arm Chair, for instance, which features a modern design with a contoured seat and backrest for maximum comfort. This ergonomic approach ensures that users can enjoy long meals or conversations outdoors without compromising on support. Whether for a cozy backyard dinner or a bustling restaurant terrace, Nardi's dining chairs are designed to enhance the dining experience while withstanding the rigors of frequent use in both residential and commercial settings.

In essence, Nardi's dining tables and chairs are a testament to the brand's dedication to combining aesthetics with functionality. By offering a wide range of styles, sizes, and materials, Nardi ensures that customers can find the perfect furniture pieces to elevate their outdoor dining spaces. The brand's innovative designs and durable construction make Nardi dining sets a popular choice for those seeking quality, versatility, and style in their outdoor furniture selections.

Nardi's Commitment to Sustainability

Nardi Outdoor's commitment to sustainability goes beyond just creating stylish outdoor furniture. The company not only focuses on producing aesthetically pleasing pieces but also ensures that their manufacturing processes are environmentally friendly. For instance, Nardi's furniture is made from 100% recyclable materials, such as polypropylene resin, which can be easily separated by color and reprocessed during the recovery phase. This dedication to recycling contributes to reducing waste and promoting a circular economy in the furniture industry.

Moreover, Nardi Outdoor's sustainability efforts extend to its production chain, where the brand prioritizes eco-conscious practices. By harnessing solar energy, implementing water-saving techniques, recycling waste, and using recycled packaging, Nardi minimizes its environmental impact throughout the manufacturing process. These initiatives not only showcase the brand's dedication to sustainability but also set a standard for responsible production in the outdoor furniture sector. Additionally, Nardi's environmental certifications, including the International EPD® System, provide transparent validation of the brand's sustainable practices, reassuring customers of their commitment to preserving the environment while creating durable and stylish outdoor furniture pieces.

Exploring Nardi Furniture Collections

Nardi's diverse range of furniture collections not only offers a wide selection of styles but also embodies the brand's commitment to quality and innovation. For instance, the Atlantico collection combines sleek lines and modern design to create a sophisticated outdoor setting, perfect for upscale residential spaces or trendy commercial venues. On the other hand, the Bora collection exudes a coastal charm with its relaxed vibe and laid-back aesthetic, making it an ideal choice for beachfront properties or casual outdoor lounges. By providing such distinct collections, Nardi ensures that customers can find furniture that resonates with their desired outdoor ambiance and complements their surroundings.

Furthermore, the Clip collection by Nardi showcases a blend of functionality and contemporary flair, featuring clean lines and minimalist design elements. This collection is a great choice for those who appreciate a modern aesthetic and streamlined outdoor furniture that enhances the overall look of a space. In contrast, the Doga collection from Nardi offers a fresh and ergonomic approach to outdoor furniture, inspired by slatted designs and available in a wide range of vibrant colors. Doga's innovative design caters to both residential and commercial settings, providing versatility and comfort without compromising on style. By exploring Nardi's diverse furniture collections, customers can discover pieces that not only elevate their outdoor spaces but also reflect their personal style and preferences.

Nardi furniture is renowned for its exceptional quality, durability, and sustainability, making it a standout choice in the outdoor furniture market. One of the key benefits of choosing Nardi furniture is its ability to withstand various environmental conditions, ensuring that it remains in pristine condition even after prolonged exposure to UV rays and harsh weather. This durability is a result of Nardi's commitment to using high-quality materials and implementing rigorous quality control measures throughout the manufacturing process, guaranteeing furniture pieces that maintain their aesthetic appeal over time.

Furthermore, Nardi's furniture collections, such as the Atlantico, Bora, and Clip lines, offer a wide range of styles and designs to cater to diverse preferences and outdoor settings. For example, the Bora collection combines contemporary elegance with practical functionality, while the Clip range exudes a tropical oasis vibe, providing customers with options to create unique and inviting outdoor spaces. With Nardi's emphasis on sustainability and recyclability, customers can feel confident in their choice to invest in furniture that not only enhances their outdoor environments but also aligns with eco-friendly practices, making Nardi furniture a compelling option for those seeking both style and environmental consciousness in their outdoor decor.

CUBE-70-TABLE 4 Pack

$1,400.00 $929.50
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4 - PACK SPECIAL MINIMUM WHOLESALE ORDER IS $700 Call for smaller orders. Retail is $345 for each Clip Table 28"L x 28"W x 29.5"H

Nardi-CLIP-80-TABLE 6 Pack

$1,400.00 $1,221.00
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32"L x 32"W x 28.5"H 6 - PACK SPECIAL MINIMUM WHOLESALE ORDER IS $700 Call for smaller orders. Retail is $305 for each Clip Table

Nardi-CUBE-80-TABLE 4 Pack

cube 80
$1,400.00 $951.50
excluding shipping
4 - PACK SPECIAL MINIMUM WHOLESALE ORDER IS $700 Call for smaller orders. Retail is $345 for each Clip Table 32"L x 32"W x 29.5"H

Spritz Table by Nardi 4 Pack Price

40058 Nardi Spritz Table
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23.8 round x 30 high Resin and anodized aluminum frame 100% composite based resins Very durable, will not chip, peel or rust Non-skid rubber foot pads Table assembles easily (no tools required) Table taken apart easily for storage Made in Italy


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$1,400.00 $1,210.00
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Nardi Libeccio -USA

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Nardi Rio 140 Ext Table

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Nardi Rio 140 Extention Table w/6 Bora Arm Chairs

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