Nardi Intro

Nardi Furniture Objectives

Nardi Furniture creates and produces high quality fashionable out of doors furniture for assorted environments and designs, delivering well-being as well as enjoyment to its customers because of goods that are warranted 100% Manufactured in Italy.

Nardi's Business

The business is operated by it's creators Giampietro Nardi (chairman) and Maria Grazia Mecenero in addition to their daughters (CEO) Floriana and Anna Nardi. The business is actually managed completely by the Nardi family. The managing and manufacturing sites are located in Chiampo (VI), an area that the organization is tremendously associated with where it will continue to generate additional investments.

Nardi Furniture Materials

Polypropylene, a thermoplastic resin, is of the very best quality plus coupled with many other materials including aluminium, man-made material, cushioned upholstery as well as glass, actively playing the starring part in Nardi collections, that also stick out with the substantial selection of colors offered as standard. The business's know-how as well as continuous technical improvement combined with the artistic hands of their designer Raffaello Galiotto give rise to the development annually of dining tables, dining chairs, armchairs, bar stools plus much more; choices for that patio or garden as well as the professional market in which develop into authentic state-of-the-art open-air chaise lounges, an ideal combination of design effect as well as useful functionality.

Product characteristics

The successes of the collections is actually right down to a mix of design and style, which in turn requires continuous research as well as technological know-how, and also innate products qualities:

- the top-quality plastic resin is going to be batch-dyed in addition to anti-UV processed, which translates to mean this product colors continue being the same, flawlessly bright and full even when these are subjected to environmental agents in addition to saline conditions with regard to extented amounts of time.

- the manufactured furniture is light-weight, simple to clean up, non-toxic, anti-static,

- all furniture is 100% eco friendly

- the local-sourcing centered manufacturing chain enables ideal control of the standard of every product. The company additionally concentrates on customer satisfaction, furnished by methods for logistics as well as marketing and advertising support, in shipping preparation, in the availability of stocks, in after-sales solutions as well as in primary relationships in between vendors in addition to their customers.

The Resin Furniture Markets

70% of Nardi Furniture turn over is actually accomplished overseas. This company conducts business all over the world, via leading marketplaces including Russia, China, USA, Australia, Latin America, right through to the lesser island destinations that are renowned for their particular natural beauty (Grenada, Aruba, Anguilla, Jamaica, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Antigua & Barbuda, Trinidad & Tobago, St. Lucia, Turks & Caicos, Saint Barth's etc.). Brand new ventures under way The manufacturer recently finished the large 3,000 m2 expansion of their warehouse/shipping division as well as the main office area in the primary company head office and management offices (September 2015). The 3 primary manufacturing places will soon end up being associated with a 4th, anticipated to launch in early 2016. The brand new location was created with more up to date improvements when it comes to plant technology, engineering as well as the natural environment.

New Nardi Furniture Investments

In 2016, a 4th production site had been included with the company’s 3 current sites - loaded with the newest improvements with regards to plant design and style, engineering along with the natural environment. What’s much more, Nardi has finished a 3,000 m 2 continuing development of it's warehouse and delivery division and office spaces in the primary head office as well as a consultant office (September 2015).