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Tailwind Adirondack Furniture Has Eco-Friendly Benches

Tailwind Adirondack Furniture has a variety of benches, including those that coordinate with the Adirondack Chair collections. They feature contoured seats and are ideal for waiting areas and locker rooms. Made of recycled milk containers, these benches are practically maintenance-free and won't rot or splinter. Although they require some assembly, they can be set up in no time.

adirondack chairs

Tailwind Adirondack Furniture has been manufacturing Adirondack chairs for more than 15 years. The company is family owned and operated in the Midwest. They use recycled milk jugs and other HDPE materials to make their chairs, and one 45 pound Adirondack chair saves 450 milk jugs from going to landfills. The Westport chair is a traditional Adirondack style chair that includes traditional features.

The Tailwind collection includes Adirondack chairs and benches. Tailwind benches are made with a contoured seat and feature a sturdy, yet stylish frame. They are also a perfect choice for locker rooms and waiting areas. Recycled milk jugs and bottles are used in the design of these benches, and they are virtually maintenance-free. Unlike traditional wood, recycled plastic lumber does not rot or splinter. However, this type of material is not as strong as wood, and therefore needs to be cross-braced to create a sturdy, durable product.

Tailwind Adirondack Furniture has been making eco-friendly, recycled plastic furniture since 2004. Its chairs and tables have been sold internationally since 2008. Tailwind Adirondack Furniture's chairs have a unique design that is environmentally friendly. The chair has generous dimensions, being 36 inches long and 28 inches wide. Its seat height is 15 inches, and it weighs 45 pounds.

adirondack tables

If you're looking for a new adirondack table to compliment your outdoor space, Tailwind Adirondack Furniture can help. Made from recycled materials, these tables will withstand all sorts of weather conditions. Plus, they won't rot, warp, or crack. Unlike wood, these tables will never need to be painted or stained.

Tailwind Adirondack Furniture is also an environmentally conscious option, since it is made from recycled milk containers. Each piece prevents more than 450 milk containers from ending up in landfills! You can buy a chair or table in either black, green, or cedar, and rest assured that it will last for many years.

adirondack foot stools

You can find many uses for Adirondack foot stools, such as providing support for your feet when you're sitting on the patio or lounging by the pool. These items are made of recycled milk containers, so you can feel good knowing that they're not contributing to landfills. Tailwind Adirondack foot stools are made to be both comfortable and attractive.

sport stands

If you love to sit outside, you can find many great sport stands and chairs at Tailwind Adirondack Furniture. Many of their chairs are made of recycled plastic milk containers, which means that you are helping to save the environment. Each 45lb Adirondack chair saves approximately 450 milk containers from going into a landfill. The company has many different kinds of Adirondack furniture, including deck furniture, kids Adirondack chairs, and lifeguard chairs.

lifeguard chairs

If you're looking for a lifeguard chair for your pool or beach, you've come to the right place. Tailwind Adirondack Furniture lifeguard and kids chairs are eco-friendly and made from recycled plastic milk containers. Each chair prevents approximately 450 milk containers from going to landfills. Many people purchase more than one chair.

Choose from a range of sizes and colors to complement your outdoor area. From the basic recycled plastic chair to the tallest model with steps and scanning platforms, you'll have the base you need to supervise the water. Tailwind also offers additional accessories like umbrellas and wheel kits, which make lifeguard chair setups even more customizable.

If you have a low pool population, you may want to consider a small lifeguard chair. These chairs are only suitable for about ten people, so they're perfect for smaller pools. However, if you have a pool with many people, you'll want a taller lifeguard chair. Fortunately, many of these chairs come with handy features like umbrella holders and cup holders, so you can easily keep yourself refreshed while watching the pool.

The design of Tailwind lifeguard chairs and benches can be customized to fit the theme of your pool. The contoured seats of the chairs make them comfortable and stylish. Whether you're looking for a chair for your pool or your own personal use, you'll love the design and functionality of these chairs.

lifeguard stands

If you're looking for a new way to decorate your backyard, consider adding lifeguard stands to your deck or patio. These pieces are made of recycled plastic milk containers and will help the environment. Each one of these products saves 10 milk containers from going to landfills. You can also purchase a lifeguard chair or a deck chair for the kids.

Lifeguard stands at Tailwind Adirondick Furniture feature a textured surface and cup and umbrella holders. Lifeguard chairs are now available with wheel kits and anchor boards. They come in four colors and simulated wood grain. Their design is sure to impress your guests. You can also choose from a variety of sizes.

The Recycled Plastic Lifeguard Chair by Tailwind is the ideal choice for a lifeguard in any environment. These chairs are corrosion-free and require little maintenance. They are easy to assemble and maintain. They are a great option for US military bases, YMCAs, and waterparks.