Tailwind Adirondack Furniture

Tailwind Adirondack Furniture Has Eco-Friendly Furniture

Tailwind Adirondack Furniture has a variety of benches, including those that coordinate with the Adirondack Chair collections. They feature contoured seats and are ideal for waiting areas and locker rooms. Made of recycled milk containers, these benches are practically maintenance-free and won't rot or splinter. Although they require some assembly, they can be set up in no time.

Tailwind Adirondack Furniture

TAILWIND ADIRONDACK FURNITURE is an eco-friendly line of outdoor furniture made from recycled plastic milk containers. Each piece prevents more than 450 milk containers from going into landfills.

Tailwind lifeguard chairs and benches are ideal for pool decks, beaches and aquatic parks. They come in a range of models, from the most basic chair to tall lifeguard chairs with scanning platforms and steps.


Adirondack chairs are a timeless American design that's been synonymous with summer relaxation since 1903. This style is instantly recognizable by its flat wooden board armrests, tall slatted back and slanted seat.

These outdoor lounge chairs come in a variety of colors, materials and sizes. They're great for a patio or front porch. You can put them together with a coffee table and some pretty pillows to make them a relaxing spot for you and your guests to sit.

Tailwind furniture is a family-owned and operated Midwest business that's been making recycled, earth friendly furniture for more than 15 years. They use HDPE materials, such as post-consumer and industrial milk containers, to make their outdoor furniture.

They also make benches that coordinate with their Adirondack chairs. They're virtually maintenance-free and won't rot or splinter like traditional wood.

The resin-like poly material resists splits, cracks, and rot. It's also UV and fade-resistant, meaning it can withstand all kinds of weather.


Tailwind Adirondack Furniture is a family owned and operated Midwest company that has been manufacturing earth friendly outdoor furniture for over 15 years. They use HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) materials from post-consumer and industrial milk containers to make their chairs, which prevent 450 milk containers from going into landfills for every 45 pounds of furniture sold.

They also offer a variety of benches that coordinate with their chair collections. These benches are virtually maintenance-free and won't rot or splinter. They're also available in a variety of colors, including black, gray and cedar.

Some people like to sand or stain their wood Adirondack chairs. This will give the chairs a more personalized look and increase their durability.

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing an Adirondack chair is weight and stability. This is especially important if you plan on leaving your chair outside all year long.

Another important factor is the size of the seat. A wider seat will accommodate loungers of all sizes and makes the chair more comfortable in general.

Some people prefer a smaller chair, which is easier to get in and out of. Having a smaller seat is a good thing for kids because it means they can climb on the chair without risking falling off or hurting themselves.


Adirondack side tables and conversation tables are a great way to add a little pizazz to your outdoor space. These upscale tables are made from POLYWOOD(r) lumber and are engineered to stand up to the elements like sun, rain, snow and salty sea air without the dreaded rot. Best of all they are eco-friendly and maintenance-free. They even have a nifty touch to display your favorite photo. Of course, the most impressive thing about them is that they last a long time.


If you want to feel good about the way you are sitting on your patio, then you should consider buying one of Tailwind’s eco friendly Adirondack chairs. They are made of recycled plastic milk containers, so each piece prevents more than 450 milk containers from going into landfills! It’s also easy to clean, and won’t rot or splinter. The color options include white, green, cedar, and sand.

While these chairs are a great choice for your outdoor space, be aware that there are counterfeit products being sold under the Tailwind name. These knockoffs often cost much less than the real thing, but don’t come with the same warranty or quality as the original. If you are purchasing a Tailwind Adirondack chair or table, you should be aware that they are designed and manufactured in the United States, and that all hardware is stainless steel. If you have any questions about your purchase, or are concerned that you might be buying a counterfeit product, contact Tailwind Furniture directly.


Tailwind Furniture manufactures an excellent line of lifeguard chairs that are made from recycled plastic milk jugs. Each chair saves about 450 milk containers from going to landfills.

These chairs are great for pools, beaches and aquatic parks. They come in various sizes and colors. They also feature a textured surface, cup and umbrella holders and are now available with wheel kits and anchor boards.

Aside from the obvious sand and red colored chairs, these are also available in white, forest green and cedar. They also have a special UV inhibitor to resist fading.

You can even find a lifeguard chair with a front step and cup holder that will impress your guests. These are also great for backyards and will not require any maintenance.

These chairs are not only eco friendly, they're also a functional piece of furniture that will enhance the look and feel of any pool area or beach. They can withstand heavy use and are built to last. They're a great choice for YMCAs, US military bases and waterparks across the country. They are also easy to assemble. Order one for your pool today.


If you want to keep your patio area neat and clutter-free, a resin deck box can be a great solution. These boxes have a variety of uses, from keeping pool toys and equipment tidy to storing garden tools and supplies.

Unlike wood, recycled plastic lumber doesn't rot or splinter. However, it isn't as strong as wood, so these products need to be cross braced and supported to ensure their stability and durability.

This is why Tailwind Furniture designs all of their products with the unique characteristics of recycled plastic lumber in mind. They use HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) a type of recycled plastic in board form derived from post-consumer and post-industrial milk containers, along with stainless steel hardware.

The 6ft Storage Box is made from recycled plastic that has a special UV inhibitor that resists fading, making it fade-resistant and durable in any climate. It is also incredibly sturdy and won't rot, warp or crack, splinter, absorb moisture or require painting.


Tailwind Adirondack Furniture is an American manufacturer that has been around for more than 15 years. Their products are made of recycled plastic milk jugs and other HDPE materials. This makes them a very eco-friendly option for outdoor furniture.

The company also has benches that coordinate with their Adirondack chairs collection. These benches have contoured seats and are a great choice for locker rooms and waiting areas.

These benches are also made of recycled plastic, so they’re practically maintenance-free. They’ll never rot or splinter and are resistant to most corrosive substances.

They come in a variety of colors, including sand, cedar, green, red, and black. They’re made with UV inhibitors to resist fading in hot weather conditions.

These chairs are a great addition to any pool or beach. They’re also popular at military bases and YMCAs. Plus, they’re incredibly affordable. They’re also easy to assemble and maintain.