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Grosfillex Furniture For Commercial and Foodservice Applications


There are a few different types of Grosfillex furniture. Resin furniture is intended for residential use. Resin furniture is not suited for commercial applications and carries only a one-year consumer warranty. Commercial furniture, on the other hand, is suitable for commercial and food service applications and can be purchased from authorized dealers. It usually comes with a three-year commercial warranty from the manufacturer.


Restaurant Furniture


In the foodservice industry, it's important to provide guests with comfortable seating. Grosfillex restaurant furniture is lightweight, durable, and comfortable. It's also made from various materials that are easy to clean and maintain. The company has a variety of furniture designs that are appropriate for restaurants of different sizes and types. These models are ideal for dining areas and outdoor patios, and can help you maximize the space of your restaurant while providing maximum comfort for your customers.


If you're considering purchasing restaurant furniture, you should know that Grosfillex is one of the leading brands in the industry. This company manufactures dozens of different products, including chairs, outdoor umbrellas, and tables. Their furniture is built from high-quality resin to offer durability, fine appearance, and easy cleaning.


In addition to its extensive line of restaurant furniture, Grosfillex also manufactures patio and outdoor furniture. These products feature stackable frames and are the perfect addition to your patio or backyard. They are also ASTM-rated and made in the USA. Many of these products have a five-year commercial warranty.


Hoa Furniture


Grosfillex furniture is designed to meet the needs of food service establishments. It is comfortable, durable, and washable. Made from resin, Grosfillex furniture is resistant to stains and is easy to clean. Hundreds of different styles are available in the Grosfillex line.


Designed for commercial use, Grosfillex furniture comes in a variety of colors and features authentic teak-inspired looks. It ships in seven to 10 days and comes with a one-to-five-year warranty. The colors are UV-stabilized to prevent discoloration caused by exposure to the sun. The company's knowledgeable sales representatives are available to answer any questions you may have about choosing the right furniture for your space.


Grosfillex's furniture is synonymous with quality, making it a popular choice for home and business owners. From chairs and tables for outdoor use, to chaise lounges, umbrellas, and fencing, Grosfillex is a great choice. With its low-maintenance properties, Grosfillex resin furniture is an excellent choice for indoor and outdoor spaces alike.


Resort Furniture


Grosfillex is one of the leading manufacturers of commercial grade furniture. Their products are found in restaurants, hotels, water parks, cruise ships, and other recreational venues. Their team of experts is well versed in the variety of products available for outdoor living. This makes them an excellent choice for commercial applications.


They manufacture commercial grade resin chaise lounges, dining tables, bar stools, and umbrellas. They also provide contract furnishings for indoor and outdoor commercial businesses. Their extensive product line allows businesses of all sizes to create beautiful outdoor spaces. Whether you're furnishing a restaurant or a hotel, you'll find a wide variety of styles, colors, and sizes from Grosfillex.


Grosfillex's outdoor furniture line offers the highest-quality furniture for resorts and hotels. You'll find chaise lounge chairs, outdoor table umbrellas, low tables, fencing, and coordinating accessories. These products offer great durability and are easy to clean and maintain.


Chaise Lounges


A Grosfillex chaise lounge is a high-quality outdoor lounger that is made from resin. These lounges can be used for both commercial and residential outdoor settings. They are made to withstand the elements and are stain resistant. Additionally, they can be easily stacked and moved when necessary. They are available at wholesale prices and are an excellent choice for a variety of outdoor spaces.


A Grosfillex chaise lounge is durable and easy to maintain. They also come with a commercial warranty. This means that you can enjoy your new outdoor lounge for many years to come. The chaise is also highly comfortable and can fit a variety of outdoor spaces. As a result, they are a great investment.


A Grosfillex chaise lounge is the ideal choice for a beach or poolside retreat. Their 100% resin construction is naturally impervious to chlorine, salt air and most common food stains. It also features recessed roll-away wheels for easy mobility.


Dining Chairs


Whether you are looking for new dining chairs or want to revamp your current set up, a Grosfillex chair is the perfect choice. These chairs are made from durable, washable resin and have a variety of design options to suit your needs and tastes. They can be easily cleaned and stack to save space, and you can choose from a variety of colors.


Grosfillex is a leading manufacturer of commercial resin furniture and has a large range of chairs, tables, and chaise lounges to suit any need. Its commercial grade resin and steel frames are robust and capable of supporting multiple chairs. They come in different sizes and come with seat cushions for comfort. They are also made to withstand chemicals and weathering. They are ideal additions to commercial spaces and come in a variety of colors and designs.


The durable construction of Grosfillex furniture makes them the perfect choice for outdoor and indoor settings. These chairs come in a variety of styles and colors and can be used indoors or out. Many are UV-stabilized, which means that they will not fade or discolor under the harsh UV rays of the sun. They can be used in any setting, from restaurants and hotels to country clubs.


Dining Tables


If you're looking for dining tables and chairs for your restaurant, you'll want to look into the selection available from Grosfillex. This furniture manufacturer is one of the world's leading manufacturers of resin-based products, with manufacturing facilities in France, Russia, and America. Their high-quality resin ensures long-lasting durability and fine appearance, while being easy to maintain.


One of the advantages of Grosfillex furniture is that it can withstand large groups of people. These tables and chairs have sturdy plastic or steel frames and can support the weight of multiple chairs. They also come with seat cushions for added comfort. These tables and chairs are also designed to withstand chemicals and weather damage, making them an excellent addition to any commercial setting.


Aside from dining tables, Grosfillex also makes outdoor patio furniture. These tables are perfect for outdoor spaces, and come in a variety of sizes and designs. Some models are made of wicker or stone for a more natural appearance. These tables will fit comfortably around pedestal bases. They are also easy to clean and withstand chlorine and salt air, so they'll retain their beauty for years to come.


Market Umbrellas


Grosfillex Market Umbrellas are made of sturdy wood poles and feature a durable canopy fabric that won't stain, fade, or harbor mildew. The poles come with a pulley system that makes opening and closing the umbrella easy and convenient. The umbrellas also feature weather-resistant fabrics and come in a variety of colors.


All Grosfillex Market Umbrellas have wind-resistant features and are easy to maintain. Their bases are heavy and sturdy, and their freestanding, table, and extension poles make them ideal for commercial use. They are available in many different colors, shapes, and sizes.


Grosfillex is one of the most popular companies that manufacture outdoor commercial resin furniture. These products come in a variety of colors and models, and are the gold standard for the industry. Their products have been tested to meet rigorous standards for safety and quality. LBO carries a complete line of these products.


Patio Umbrellas


If you want a durable and stylish outdoor space, a patio umbrella may be the perfect solution. They offer shade and are easy to open and close. These products have been tested to block 95% of the sun's harmful rays. For added protection and durability, they have a 1.5-inch kempas wood pole that is reinforced with resin. They also feature a brass connector for easy transport.


These outdoor products can be used in a variety of settings and are ideal for restaurants, pubs, and more. You can choose from a variety of styles, including market umbrellas. These canopies are designed to resist staining, fading, and mildew. They are also made with a sturdy wooden pole and brass hardware. For a more rustic look, you can choose a market-style umbrella.


Outdoor table bases are compatible with Grosfillex Furniture patio umbrellas. They are strong and durable, and can easily fit any outdoor table. They are available in multiple colors and come with table bases, extension poles, and freestanding bases.


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 Chairs and Barstools

are available in a number of various models, designs, and colours to so the very best decision for your hospitality busines can be made.

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 Dining Tables

The Company offers a durable resin furniture solution for your indoor dining area of your restaurant

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 Chaises & Deck Chairs

The company's sets the standard of excellence throughout the industry and it has proven high quality and safety through ASTM standards regarding commercial outdoor seating.  Best Pool Furniture on the market.

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 Deep Seating

The company's pool furniture is popular at resorts and clubs around the globe.

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 Market and Patio Umbrellas

Need commercial quality patio umbrellas?  Grosfillex carries a full line to choose from.

 GROSFILLEX is theTop Resin Furniture Manufacturer

     Unparalleled in their quality and design, Grosfillex is the top manufacturer of outdoor and indoor commercial resin furniture in the world.
     We at LBO are proud to offer the full line of  products including stacking resin dining chairs, chaise lounges, resin dining tables, and market and patio umbrellas.

Comercial and Residential Outdoor and Indoor Furniture

     We only offer the commercial line of  products.  This line offers up to a three year warranty.  The density of the resin is double that of the residential furniture.  It's created specifically to stand up to commercial abuse in any business environment.  The resin furniture is Ideal for Restaurants, Bars, Pubs, Hotels, Motels, HOA's, Resorts, Cafe's and many other indoor and outdoor applications!

Best Warranty

Light-weight, easy to maintain, and easy to store,  the furniture is resistant to sunlight, mold, moisture and even the ocean salt environment.

Elegant Styling

With resin furniture, you can enjoy top of the line, elegant styling without the price.

 Grosfillex Retail and Wholesale Pricing

The company demands upon offering extraordinary top quality in each and every furniture piece they create including the resin furniture line. By having to pay appreciation of specifics in the production process and making use of the most effective techniques and materials available, The company has established itself as a innovator in the commercial grade patio and garden furniture industry, building products to perform unlike any other. 

Grosfillex Furniture

is a family of furniture items manufactured by gastroenterological and hospitality company Grosfillex. Grosfillex Dining Chairs, Grosfillex Chaise lounge, and Grosfillex Patio Seating are some of the major products of Grosfillex. Grosfillex Market Umbrellas is a kind of outdoor umbrella which has an open mesh cover that is weather resistant. The fabric of the umbrellas is made up of breathable polypropylene fabric that provides a comfortable and satisfactory atmosphere for the users. Weatherproof features are one of the main factors that Grosfillex considers while manufacturing patio chairs, chaise lounges, and tables etc.

Grosfillex Market Umbrellas

has various attractive features like they are extremely long-lasting, durable, heavy duty, washable and easy to maintain. They are available in different colors and designs to meet the requirements of different customers. The most common models of patio umbrellas available in Grosfillex are the ones that have a double pole and a folding one-way model. They are provided with locking mechanism that allows the users to fold them when not in use. These plastic chairs are ideal for commercial use in restaurants, bars, hotels, shopping malls, resorts, health clubs, spas, nightclubs, lounges and multipurpose clubs.

Grosfillex Dining Chairs

is specifically designed and manufactured for large groups of people. They are made up of high quality steel frames and are provided with robust and durable plastic frames that can support the weight of several chairs at a time. These chairs are available in different sizes and are provided with seat cushions in order to provide comfort and convenience to the users. The pool furniture that comes under the category of Grosfillex is particularly designed to resist weathering damage. It also provides good resistance to various chemicals. These chairs and tables are perfect additions to the commercial use area and are available in different colors to suit the varying requirements of different people.

Grosfillex Commercial chairs

are also highly useful for those who run food service establishments. The chairs and tables provide great comfort to the customers while they wait for their food to be served on them. The food service industry requires comfortable and hygienic working conditions. It can be quite a difficult task for restaurant owners to manage hygiene issues and providing clean and hygienic working conditions to their staff. This problem is addressed by the Grosfillex furniture collection as it provides the customers with durable, washable, comfortable, sturdy and comfortable working conditions for their staff. These furniture items come under the category of resin furniture which makes cleaning very easy.


 Grosfillex Resin Chairs and Pool furniture are very popular among pool users, homeowners and business owners. Grosfillex furniture has an array of advantages over plastic and other similar types of furniture. The chairs and pool tables can easily be cleaned using any conventional and non-invasive cleaning agents and hence they don't require any kind of special cleaning procedures. Grosfillex resin furniture products are affordable and one can look forward to purchase a variety of such furniture items at very affordable prices from online stores.

Most food service providers and hotels use Grosfillex furniture items because of the outstanding quality and comfort levels. It is lightweight, durable and very comfortable. Grosfillex furniture is made using a variety of materials ranging from steel, aluminum, fiberglass etc. Most of these products are designed keeping in mind the food service industry requirements and thus they cater to various tastes and budgets. Consumers have high expectations from resin chairs and pool tables but these chairs and tables are designed to give users the best comfort levels.