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Seaside Casual Furniture

Seaside Casual Furniture


You’ve seen Adirondack furniture before, whether you realize it or not. Have you ever been to a public park? Have you ever seen or used the furniture there? Most of our modern picnic tables follow the Adirondack design, and with good reason! The modern design is the first benefit, and the second is the convenience. To understand this, we’re going to take a look at several different types of Adirondack furniture, all of which makes outstanding additions to any lawn.


Resin Adirondack Chair

This style of chair is noticeable and recognizable instantly, featuring a large, flat back comprised of several slats. Additionally, the armrests are wide, and are almost always built from a single plank which may or may not be carved into a noteworthy design. Because these chairs are designed for outdoor use, they are almost always comprised of wood that is resistant to external influences like weather, insects, and rot. In other words, if they are well taken care of, they have the potential to last for years, and at a fraction of the cost you would expect to pay for quality outdoor furniture.

Wooden Adirondack chairs are great, but if you really want to reduce your carbon footprint you can always invest in resin. Not only is resin lighter and made from recycled material, it is far cheaper, and it does not require a lacquer paint. Resin is also far easier to clean, as most issues can be resolved with a bucket of soapy water and a rag. In contrast, when you are dealing with wood, you might have to break out the pressure washer, and no one wants to do that.

Plastic Adirondack chairs, just as with any other outdoor furniture made from resin, are resistant to the vast majority of the elements. This includes rain and humidity, and of course, they have a significant advantage over the typical wood furniture variant. The biggest difference is that resin is not porous in the manner that wood is. As a porous material, wood is highly absorbent, and while this can be fended off with the right finish, nothing is perfect.

Finally, we would like to point out that Adirondack furniture is very easy to store unlike traditional wood and plastic furniture. The design makes both material variants easy to stack, making these chairs perfect for a variety of applications. The most popular, of these perhaps, is as poolside seating implements, as they can be placed in a storage shed at the end of the day with very little effort.

The Adirondack Table

These are in fact the picnic tables that we mentioned above. The design is incredibly simplistic and allows for not only easy storage, but easy cleaning. Once again, these tables are often used in public parks, and they are comprised of a series of slats placed upon a wooden frame. As with the chairs, these tables do not necessarily need to be comprised of typical wood. Composite planks are always an option, as are a plethora of other materials. The most important thing here is the design, and the Adirondack is

Adirondack Chaise Lounge

The Chaise lounge has long been a poolside staple, and of course, it is available in the Adirondack style. The most beautiful thing about the Adirondack design concept is that it can support anyone. This support flies in direct contrast to an individual’s size, weight, stature, etc. If you look at most Adirondack chairs, you will notice that they are wide backed, and are set upon a frame that does not easily break. In spite of that, they still manage to avoid the typical chair issue of standing out or looking tacky. As a matter of fact, these chairs are great for public areas, such as pools, beaches, and even parks. If you want to take it a step further, you could even add one to your home. The best part, is the multitude of ways in which the Adirondack can be styled. You can obtain them in a number of different colors, from bright, to dark, and of course plain. There is tons of room for customization, and all of these chairs are well suited for outdoor use.

A Brief History of the Adirondack Chair

As we established quite well above, the Adirondack chair can be comprised of many different materials, from the typical wood, to composite, and of course, resin. The design of the chair itself comes from Thomas Lee, who birthed the design while on vacation in the Adirondack Mountains just outside of Westport New York right before the winter of 1903. The chair was originally comprised of eleven flat boards and a straight back. Obviously, wood was the only material available at the time, but as technology has moved forward, the composition of the chair has evolved while the design has remained largely the same.

Unfortunately, as with many inventions, this one was appropriated by a friend of Lee’s named Harry Bunnell. Admittedly, Lee was at fault for a good portion of this deception, as he offered his final design to Bunnell for use as a winter income. Bunnell filed patents for the design in 1905, and began manufacturing what he dubbed the ‘Westport Chair’ for the next twenty years.

No matter the history behind it, one cannot argue the effectiveness of the Adirondack furniture line! This is a perfect addition to any outdoor setting, and there are so many different types to choose from. Now would be a great time to start browsing the website to get some idea of what you’re looking at, and make sure that your next chair, table, or lounger is one that you can be proud of. Not only is this a long lasting piece of furniture, it is highly comfortable. Additionally, now that you know the history behind the chair, it’s just become one outstanding conversation piece for the next party! Adirondack is the way to go.

Meta Description: Adirondack chairs and tables are available in wide varieties, and they come with their own unique history as well.

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Cambridge Sectional Corner

37w x 37d x 25h (Cushions sold separately) Seat height: 14 (with cushion) Arm height: 25 weight: 75 lbs

Cambridge Sectional Ottoman

33w x 33d x 10h (Cushions sold separately) Seat height: 14 (with cushion) weight: 51 lbs

Charleston Balcony Chair

17w x 21.75d x 41h (2 per box - priced individually) Seat height: 25 weight: 28 lbs

Charleston Bar Chair

17w x 21.75d x 45h (2 per box - priced individually) Seat height: 30 weight: 31 lbs

Charleston Side Chair

17w x 22.5d x 37h (2 per box - priced individually) Seat height: 17 weight: 26 lbs

Hampton Dining Chair

24w x 26d x 37h (2 per box - priced individually) Seat height: 17.5 Arm height: 24.25 weight: 35 lbs

Kingston Chaise

25w x 83d x 33h Seat height: 14.125

Kingston Chaise Folding Arm Kit

weight: 6 lbs