Laguna 48'' Dining Table

(MLAG-DT48) Dining Height (Shown) 47.5" Round x 30"H
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Your Premium Choice in Outdoor Reclaimed Resin Furniture

Lost Bwana Outfitters is proud to add Malibu Outdoor Furniture to its products line. Malibu Outdoor Living is a business that is committed to producing the highest quality products while using the finest eco friendly materials available. Our aim is to use green materials whenever possible. You'll find this in our plastic outdoor patio furniture sets, too as our Adirondack chairs, tables, etc.

The colour green has always been a conventional colour for outside furniture - but for Malibu Outdoor Living, "green" furniture takes on a whole different meaning. The reason being is the business is doing its part for the environment by fabricating its whole new line of stylish casual furniture out of recycled plastics. Malibu Outdoor Living is committed to producing the best quality recycled plastic outdoor furniture products using the finest materials available - and we strive to use materials that are green on all our products. The furniture is made from a High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) which is a recyclable plastic. Malibu takes pride in producing a product which isn't only beautiful and durable - but also helps our environment.

The use of poly-boards also eliminates the need for harvesting prized wood like red cedar, pine and other species. Malibu Outdoor Living strives to employ a diverse work force and help its workers grow - as they're our firm's most valuable resource.

The Laguna 48'' Dining Table and the entire poly-plank furniture line is fabricated from recycled dairy product and detergent bottles. Most of us gain by supplying customers with beautiful products made from this amazingly versatile stuff while concurrently reducing pollution and waste in our country's landfill.

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